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A Husband’s most intimate companion

Genesis 2:18

Many women—whether married or unmarried—read Genesis 2:18 with a shudder, finding it difficult with the word helper. Did God really mean helper the way most people think of the word, that women are somehow subservient and not quite up to par with men?

wife The Hebrew word here, exerl, is used twenty-two times in the Bible. It is usually translated as help or helper. However, it is used to speak of Gods power in Psalm 89:9, and three times the word is used to refer to God as a helper [Exodus 18:4; Deuteronomy 33:29; Hosea 13:9], all of which provide a clue to the fact that God does not intend a woman’s position to be degrading or weak.

The woman who is a helper to her husband is not just at his side, she is on his side. She has her own distinct personality and gifts, her own abilities, her own interests.But above all, in the servant role so beautifully modeled by Christ, she is her husband’s greatest advocate. Being his helper doesn’t mean she follows behind him, picking up his dirty clothes and serving his every whim. It means she stands next to him as his equal, and they lovingly serve each other, with the full knowledge that at times serving might take the form of picking up those dirty clothes.

Reread Genesis 2:21-24, then take a little time to honestly access yourself as a woman and, if married, as a wife. Are there aspects about being a woman that you find difficult? You can talk to God about it. He’ll help you in those areas where you need to grow and change. If you’re married, ask God to help you know what it means to be your husband’s helper: his advocate, his lover, his friend, his servant, his most intimate companion. Whether you’re married or unmarried, God can lvovingly guide you in those areas where you relate to the men in your life—to your husband, to family members, to friends, to coworkers. Ask Him to help you to become the best you can be, a beautiful model of God’s handiwork in a woman’s life.

Yield, Trust, Obey

Romans 6:13

~Neither yield ye your members as instruments of unrighteousness unto sin: but yield yourselves unto God.~

1999616dq6d4pmef8 To yield anything means simply to give that thing to the care and keeping of another. To yield to ourselves to the Lord, therefore, is to give ourselves to Him, giving Him the entire possession and control of our whole being. It means to abandon ourselves, to take hands off of ourselves. The word consecration is often used to express this yielding, but I hardly think it is a good substitute. With many people, to consecrate themselves seems to convey the idea of doing something very self-sacrificing, and very good and grand; and it therefore admits of a subtle form of self-glorification. But “yielding” conveys a far more humbling idea; it implies helplessness and weakness, and the glorification of another rather than ourselves.

Yielding is not the idea of sacrifice, in the sense we usually give to that word, namely, as of a great cross taken up; but it is the sense of surrender, of abandonment, of giving up the control and keeping and use of ourselves unto the Lord. To yield to God means to belong to God, and to belong to God means to have all His infinite power and infinite love engaged on our side. Therefore, when I invite you to yield yourselves to Him, I am inviting you to avail yourselves of an inexpressible and most amazing privilege. ~by Hannah Whitall Smith~

borrowed from “A Gentle Spirit: Devotional Selections for Today’s Christian Woman”

Praying the Word

Jude 3

pray13~Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt I had to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to the saints.~

The devil would like nothing better than for believers to become complacent and self-satisfied. Jude urged believers to  “contend earnestly” [NKJV] for the faith. In your prayer time today, ask god to reveal areas where you may be complacent and then ask Him to show you where you need to declare firmly your allegiance to Christ.

Lord of all, I know that I am at times less than eager to protect and affirm the faith I have in You. Show me the areas where I need to change and grow. Then help me to be one of Your front line defenders of the faith. Love You, Lord, and my heart’s desire is to serve You wholeheartedly. Amen.