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Change Me From Within

Hmmm…where did I leave off…

Ah yes, the book “Dancing In The Arms Of God”.

Connie Neal’s statement ‘and I also pray that he will change me within so that these outer changes are genuine expression of what he is doing within me.’ What a great concept! What a great prayer request. God does make quite an impact in our lives and he cares deeply about us. This is something I have known, believe and shared with others. Yet, somehow, I lost that for awhile. I  had become indifferent to being more physically active [as I once was] and if the house didn’t look dirty or messy why should I clean it? This is not woman and wife God would want me to be. Reading the this book stirred up the hunger and thirst I once had for changes in behavior that was not honoring the Lord.

let_go_let_god23 She continues in this chapter [chapter 7—Dry Your Tears] with some principles about how transformation takes place in our lives. Here are the principles she shares as taken from her book:

  1. Transformation begins with surrender; not self-effort. True transformation is not something you work at with your own strength any more than a caterpillar would design and attach its own wings. Just as the caterpillar surrenders to the cocoon and rests in the assurance of what it will become, we need to curl up into God’s loving plan for who we are and who we will be. Psalm 37:4-5 [NASB] says, “Delight yourself in the Lord; and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord, trust also in Him, and he will do it.” The literal translation of ‘trust’ means to “roll off onto” God. I like that image: rolling your life and future development off onto God, resting in hi m, waiting patiently for him to transform you.
  2. Transformation comes by acknowledging your true desire for change. If you’ve tried to change many times, you might be afraid to hope again. But transformation will not begin until you at least acknowledge the unfulfilled desire within you.
  3. Transformation comes by committing the specific changes you desire to God in prayer. When you pray, acknowledge your inability to change on your own, along with your willingness to do what is necessary to change. Ask God to give you strength and guidance to move toward the changes you desire. Your prayers don’t have to be eloquent, just honest, specific, and reliant in God’s power.
  4. Take simple steps toward transformation. Day by day, take steps toward the desired changes you and God agree are necessary to transform you into the woman he created  you to become.
  5. Thank God regularly for the transformation taking place in your life. While you take steps toward your new way of life, don’t forget that you do so by the grace of God.

I realized that number two is where I am have been stuck for some time. I have battled my weight issue since my high school years. I have lost the weight only to gain it back [a hundred times more it seems]. I lack the self control to improve my eating habits and to stay more physically active. I am fearful of not being able to lose the weight necessary. The word “failure” blinks off and on like a flashing neon light advertising that I cannot control this area of my life. In edition, I have been in denial and I have pretended this issue does not exist thereby pushing it far out of my thought process. I have not acknowledged it before God or asked for his help. This is where number one hit home in my heart. I still think it is ‘all about me and what I can do’ in this portion of my life. I simply have not surrendered completely to the Lord.  I am a work in progress relying on Jesus’ discipline and help.