Dedicated to my Mom

After my Mom, Gloria, passed away in January 2012, I began a book project compiling recipes she had prepared and shared with my family and me.

Wow, so many memories wrapped up in food! I had not realized just how much cooking and serving food is associated with everyday family life and special family gatherings.

My Mom enjoyed gathering as many of us as she could in her small 1 bedroom apartment. The food she served us had no calories since it was all  made with love!

Gloria had a deep appreciation for entertaining and decorating. Her favorite decorating theme was Country Victorian. This style suited her caring, warm, lady like mannerism.

I used the title “Gloria’s Country Victorian Entertaining and Recipe Box” to honor her gift of hospitality and to recognize the effort she devoted to creating meals.

To enjoy some of the recipes, click on the image below to view the pdf verison

With Love and Blessings, Sara Marie Hantousch

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